Katie Bill


I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in July 2011 with a degree in Textiles Design, (2nd Class Honours). I specialised in Print, creating fabrics for use in a fashion context where I experimented with hand and digitally printed fabrics.

My work is atmospheric where feelings and thoughts are aroused by my use of image and colour. I work in a conceptual way, and thrive on projects that have a narrative and are trend lead. I use colour explorations to create subtlety, sophistication and elegance. I love to mix photography and my own hand drawn imagery in my prints, pushing innovation and creativity through mixed media. I experiment with and combine a range of media within my work and I am always interested in learning new techniques and processes. Fashion is an area that influences and excites me, and I am especially captivated by trend prediction. My work is unique and imaginative but is also commercial; I have recently sold my degree show work to a private buyer and have sold swatches through my placement at Mirjam Rouden to high street companies such as Firetrap and Jigsaw.

I am currently employed as a freelance designer at a fashion knitwear company in Nottingham. I started in November as their first print designer and I am primarily working closely with the head designer to launch their first print collection. Currently my first batch of designs are being showcased in the collection in New York.